Business philosophy
Vision: Become a leader in the industry supplying color coated steel sheets and covering products. Mission: Specializing in providing color coated corrugated iron products and quality covering products to ensure safety for all constructions and projects nationwide. Professional support services bring absolute satisfaction to customers. Core Values
  1. Quality assurance of products
Our company has always focused on managing the quality of the goods we provide to our customers. We strictly monitor the quality of our products before they are put on the market. We ensure that our goods come from a reliable source by working in good cooperation with reputable and leading manufacturers in the world.
  1. Consistent growth path
Doan Minh's activities expand in the direction of continuously improving service quality and meeting the changing requirements of customers. We are dedicated to expanding our range, focusing on technical advancements to broaden the range of choices available to our customers.
  1. Dynamic in management
Thanks to our close and intimate relationships with reputable suppliers, our management dynamism gives the company the ability to identify market trends and developments in the future. various industries of corrugated iron and covering products, the chemical industry as well as exploiting in-depth knowledge in those areas