Deck Floor H75 W900

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Material standards

– Use raw material: black corrugated iron, galvanized corrugated iron, zinc aluminum alloy plated (cold corrugated iron) or 1200mm color coated corrugated iron.

– The corrugated iron has 3 waves, 75mm high wave, useful size after installing 900mm.

– Thickness from 0.50mm – 1.6mm, cutting length on request.

Superior wave design, 75mm wave height, 900mm useful width, large wave crest, between the wave crests there are small ribs (ball tendons and gill tendons) to increase stiffness, strength & adhesion to concrete, 900mm usable size is economical and convenient in installation. The width of 900mm allows the design of span structures, large beams, bearing capacity & large bending resistance saves material costs, structural processing brings high economic efficiency

– Between the 2 wave legs has been improved to create additional waves, increase the stiffness of the corrugated iron sheet, allowing the design of a large purlin distance with a higher safety level than conventional corrugated iron, saving the cost of purlins for users, in addition, creating additional waves to make it easier to move without deforming the corrugated board when erecting. The length of corrugated iron sheet is manufactured according to the design requirements, along with a variety of colors to bring sustainable beauty to the project.

– The screw connecting the floor plate to the purlin is a self-drilling screw SRMT 12 -14 X 32mm heat-treated and high-strength Zinc-Tin plated without breaking nose or slipping when used to shoot through 12mm-15mm steel plate. or stud welding + porcelain ring (cut-resistant bolt).

T (mm) L (mm) L (mm) H (mm) P ( kg/m) Z (g/m2) TS
(N/m2) H ( hrb) ( cm4/m) (cm3/m)
0.75 1200 900 75 7.15 80-120 355-368 58 90.53 23.11
0.95 1200 900 75 9.05 80-120 355-368 58 100.27 27.48
1.15 1200 900 75 11.1 80-120 355-368 58 139.21 35.27
1.5 1200 900 75 14.2 80-120 355-368 58 191.79 50.66