Glass Cotton Panel – Roof

Glass wool panel is a soundproof, heatproof and fireproof wall panel that can withstand high temperatures. Glass wool panel, also known as: glass wool corrugated iron is composed of 3 layers: 2 color coated corrugated iron surfaces and a layer of glass wool in the middle. Glass wool panels of Sun Panel Vina company are manufactured based on synchronously imported Korean technology lines

Glass wool is made from synthetic fiberglass made from stone, slag, and clay. . . The main composition of Glass Cotton contains Aluminum, Calcium Silicate, Metal Oxide, … does not contain Asbestos; has the features of heat insulation, sound insulation, high electrical insulation, non-combustible, soft and has good elasticity.

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1 Thickness of 2 layers of surface corrugated iron 0.35 – 0.60mm
2 Panel colors Universal color: White W05, BE 03, other colors depending on customer requirements and quantity
3 Types of insulation Glass wool
4 Insulation density 46kg/m3, 64kg/m3
5 Insulation thickness 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
6 Effective / tare gauge 1000mm / 1020mm (Korean standard gauge)
7 Plate length Depending on customer requirements and installation technical advice
8 Classification Flat panel, corrugated board
9 Applications Making partitions for offices, factories, roof panels, insulation panels, clean houses. cold storage, storage…