Panel EPS – Inner wall, ceiling

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EPS panel is a sound and heat-insulating wall panel. EPS panel wall, also known as: corrugated board, EPS corrugated iron or foam corrugated board is composed of 3 layers: 2 color coated corrugated iron surfaces and EPS foam in the middle. EPS panel of Sun Panel Vina company is manufactured based on synchronously imported Korean technology line

1 Thickness of 2 layers of surface corrugated iron 0.35 – 0.60mm
2 Panel colors Common colors: white, BE, other colors depending on customer requirements and quantity
3 Types of Insulation Regular EPS Foam
4 Insulation density 12Kg/m³, 16 Kg/m³
5 Insulation thickness 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
6 Effective / tare gauge 1000mm / 1030mm (Korean standard gauge)
7 Plate length Depending on customer requirements and installation technical advice
8 Classification Flat panel, corrugated board
9 Applications Making partitions for offices, factories, roof panels, insulation panels, clean houses. cold storage, storage…