purlin C

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Dimensions and geometrical properties

Section C has two equal wings and is suitable for simple spans. For shorter spans, they can be used continuously over 2 or more spans with end splice, thus reducing deflection compared to single span. Purlin C cannot be overlapped.

Available in cross-section heights from 100 to 350mm and thicknesses from 1.5mm to 3.2mm to meet different aperture and design requirements.

Purlin bracing system
Number of bracing rows in each span: depends on purlin span and load. The number of bracing rows can be 0, 1, 2 and 3. At least one row of bracing should be used in each span and the spacing between bracing rows should not exceed 20 times the section height.

Standard punch details

Bolt holes are drilled at the attachment position to the cipher plate, the overlap position and at the bracing points.

For 300 and 350 purlin bellies, centerline holes can be pre-drilled upon request. They can be combined with holes in the ciphertext to create a 3-bolt connection to the ciphertext.

For all purlin types, 14 x 22mm oval holes are suitable for M12 bolts and 18×26 oval holes are suitable for M16 bolts. Undrilled purlins can be supplied upon request.

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