Purlin Z

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1. Dimensions and geometrical properties

The Z-section has one wide and one narrow wing, sized so that two sections of the same size can overlap making them suitable for overlapping.

Purlins with continuous lengths are more economical, but overlapping joints double the metal thickness at mid span supports. Overlapping increases the strength of the section at the position with the greatest bending moment and shear force, thereby increasing the load capacity and rigidity of the system.

Z-purlins of the same height but different thicknesses can be superimposed with any combination.

Z-beams can also be used in simple spans. For shorter spans, two or more spans can be used continuously without overlapping, thus reducing the deflection compared to a simple span but without giving the strength advantage of a superimposed system.

2. Outstanding advantages

– The ability to overcome great beats

– Simple installation, low cost

– Sustainable beauty

– Wide range of sizes and thicknesses, suitable for all apertures and designs

– Warranty against corrosion

Things to note when choosing to buy Z purlins

Z purlin is an indispensable part when building works, especially the roof. Thanks to its high bearing capacity, high durability, easy installation and relatively low cost, Z purlin from galvanized steel gradually becomes a popular material in the construction industry that requires manufacturing companies to continuously improve. progress, improve quality to meet the strict requirements of customers.

The company specializes in manufacturing and supplying to the market construction products such as corrugated iron, purlin, ETS panel, accessories in construction, etc. At the same time, receiving large quantities of production according to orders based on technology. Japanese modern chain. In addition, the company will support installation to customers in need with a full warranty system to help you feel completely confident.

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